How Do I Get Free Checks From Wells Fargo?


While Wells Fargo doesn't directly offer free checks to all accounts, you have several options to obtain them without paying the full price:



How Do I Get Free Checks From Wells Fargo?



Table of Contents:

Getting Free Checks from Wells Fargo:

Checking Your Account Type

Premier Checking and Prime Checking

Everyday Checking

Hunting for Promotions

Considering Alternatives

Debit Card

Online Bill Pay



Ordering Free Checks:

Logging In to Wells Fargo Online

Choosing Style and Quantity

Entering Customization Details

Reviewing and Submitting Order

Phone Orders



Walking into Wells Fargo for Checks:

Discussing Options

Filling Out Order Form

Payment Options

Waiting for Checks

Additional Tips



Same-Day Checks at Wells Fargo:

Why it's not possible

Faster Alternatives

Debit Card

Certified Check

Online Bill Pay



Wells Fargo Cashier's Check Fee Waived:

Standard Fee and Delivery Fee

Avoiding the Fee

Qualifying Account





Check Your Account Type:

Premier Checking and Prime Checking: These accounts qualify for free standard wallet checks as a benefit. You can order them online or by phone. How Do I Use Credit Card?



Everyday Checking: The price for checks in this account varies based on style and quantity, but you might still get discounts. Check your online banking or app for available offers.



Look For Promotions:

Wells Fargo occasionally offers free checks or discounts for new accounts or existing customers. Keep an eye out for emails, online banking messages, or branch advertisements.



Consider Alternatives:

Debit Card: Using your debit card for purchases instead of writing checks can save you money on check orders.



Online Bill Pay: Many bills can be paid electronically through Wells Fargo's online bill pay service, eliminating the need for checks.



How to Order Checks, Whether Free or Discounted:

Log in to Wells Fargo Online: This is the easiest way to order checks and see your available options.

Click on "Account Services" and then "Order Checks."



Choose your check style and quantity. You'll see the price and any applicable discounts.

Enter your customization details, such as your name, address, and phone number.

Review your order and submit it.



You Can Order Checks by Phone:

Personal accounts: Call 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557).

Business accounts: Call Harland Clarke Corp. at 1-800-237-8982.



Can I Get Free Checks From Wells Fargo?

While not all Wells Fargo accounts come with free checks inherently, there are ways to snag some without paying a dime! Here are your options:



Check Your Account Type:

Premier Checking and Prime Checking: These accounts score you free standard wallet checks as a perk. Order them online or by phone.



Everyday Checking: Check prices for checks in this account, as styles and quantities influence the cost. You might still get discounts. Explore your online banking or app for offers.



Hunt for Promotions:

Wells Fargo sometimes throws in free checks or discounts for opening new accounts or as a bonus for existing customers. Keeps an eye on emails, online banking messages, or branch flyers?



Can I walk Into Wells Fargo and Get Checks?

Walking into a Wells Fargo branch and immediately walking out with checks isn't an option. However, you can definitely initiate the process and get your checks within a short time frame!



Local Wells Fargo Branch:

Speak to a banker or customer service representative. Let them know you're interested in ordering checks.



Discuss your options. The banker will help you determine which type of checks you need (standard wallet checks, deposit checks, etc.) and go over any available promotions or discounts.



This will include information like your desired check style, quantity, and personalization details.



Pay for your order. You can typically pay with debit card, credit card, or by withdrawing cash from your account.



Wait for your checks to arrive. Standard turnaround time is usually 7-10 business days, though it can be longer for some custom orders. You can choose to have your checks mailed to your address or pick them up at the branch.



While you won't walk out with checks in hand right away, the process is usually quick and straightforward. The banker can help you with any questions you have and ensure your order is placed correctly.



Can I Get Checks from Wells Fargo Same Day?

It’s not possible to get same-day checks from Wells Fargo, regardless of whether you visit a branch or order online.



Printing and Security: Checks require careful printing and security features to prevent fraud. This process takes time, typically 7-10 business days for standard orders and even longer for customized ones.



Shipping: Even if the checks were printed instantly, getting them to you same-day would require an expensive express shipping option, which most banks don't offer.



Alternatives if You Urgently Need Checks:

Use your Debit Card: Consider using your Wells Fargo debit card for purchases instead of writing a check. This is the fastest and most convenient option.



Certified Check: If you absolutely need a check, you can get a certified check at a branch for a fee. This guarantees the funds are available and can be processed faster than a standard check, but it might not be accepted by all recipients.



Online Bill Pay: If you need to pay a bill, consider using Wells Fargo's online bill pay service. This is an electronic way to send payments directly to your payee, eliminating the need for a check.



While same-day checks aren't an option at Wells Fargo, these alternatives can help you quickly and securely access your funds in most situations.



Wells Fargo Cashier's Check Fee Waived:

Wells Fargo does not automatically waive cashier's check fees, regardless of your account type or balance.



Standard Fee: Each cashier's check purchased at a branch or online typically incurs a $10 fee.


Online Delivery Fee: If you order online and choose delivery, an additional $8 delivery fee applies. Wells Fargo Upgrade Gap



Frequently Asked Questions:

I have an Everyday Checking account at Wells Fargo. Can I still get free checks somehow?

While free checks aren't automatic with this account, you have options! Check for promotional offers through email, online banking, or branch flyers.



Alternatively, consider using your debit card more often or exploring online bill pay to reduce reliance on checks.



I need checks urgently. Can I get them same-day at Wells Fargo?

Checks require careful printing and security features, taking 7-10 business days for standard orders. For faster access to funds, consider using your debit card, getting a certified check (at a fee), or using online bill pay.



I saw something about waived cashier's check fees at Wells Fargo. Do I qualify?

Wells Fargo standard cashier's check fee typically applies, but there are ways to avoid it. Open a qualifying account like Premier Checking or Prime Checking that includes free standard checks as a benefit.

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