Learn Wells Fargo's Negative Account Indicators

Wells Fargo Negative Account Indicators

The time it takes to close a negative account at Wells Fargo depends on the account's current balance and your chosen method. Detailed information mentioned herein below.


Time to Close

Recommended Action

Zero Balance Account


Request closure online, by phone, or at a branch

Negative Balance Account


Deposit funds to bring balance to $0 and close immediately. 2. Account may automatically close after 6 months of inactivity (fees accrue).

Inactive Account

Automatic in 2-10 months

No action needed for closure, but outstanding balance remains.

Immediate Closure:

Zero Balance: If your account balance is $0 or positive, Wells Fargo can close it immediately upon your request. You can initiate this through a branch visit, phone call to customer service, or online chat.

Outstanding Items: Even with a zero balance, pending transactions or direct deposits might delay closure. Wait for them to post before requesting closure. Wells Fargo Stock Fee

Negative Balance:

Paying to Zero: This is the recommended option. Deposit enough funds to bring your balance to $0. Then, follow the immediate closure steps above.

Automatic Closure: If your account remains inactive and in the negative for six months, Wells Fargo may automatically close it. However, fees and negative interest may accrue during this period.

Frequently Ask Questions:



What is an inactive account?

No qualifying transactions for 2 months (or 10 months for IOLTA/RETA). 

Can I avoid fees?

Bring balance to $0 quickly or utilize overdraft protection/grace periods. 

How to confirm closure?

Request final statement or check online banking for account absence. 

What qualifies as an inactive account?

An inactive account typically has no qualifying transactions (deposits, withdrawals, checks) within the past two months (or ten months for IOLTA and RETA accounts). 

Can I avoid fees associated with a negative account?

Bringing your balance to zero quickly helps minimize fees. Additionally, Wells Fargo offers overdraft protection programs and grace periods depending on your account type. 

Beyond Timelines:

Remember, closing a negative account doesn't erase outstanding debt. Wells Fargo may pursue collections efforts if the balance remains unpaid.

Consider addressing the negative balance while closing the account for financial well-being.

Additional Tips:

Communicate clearly with Wells Fargo representatives about your closure intent.  Gather necessary documentation, like your account number and last statement. 

Explore alternative banking options that better suit your needs. By understanding the procedures and timelines, you can efficiently close your negative Wells Fargo account and move towards a healthier financial future.


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