How To Open Wells Fargo Account with Bonus Offers?

Wells Fargo Account with Bonus Offers?

Wells Fargo offers several enticing bonus incentives for opening new accounts, giving you a nice little boost to your savings or checking. Here's a comprehensive guide to navigating the process and claiming your reward: Wells Fargo Loan Approval

Account Type

Bonus Amount

Minimum Deposit

Bonus Requirements

Offer Availability

Everyday Checking



Receive $1,000 in qualifying deposits within 90 days

Online & In-Branch

Premier Checking



Maintain a $3,500 minimum balance for 6 months

In-Branch Only

Savings Account



Maintain a $25,000 minimum balance for 6 months

In-Branch Only

CD Account (12-month)

0.25% APY Bonus


Open a new CD with a 12-month term

Online & In-Branch

 Choose Your Bonus Offer:

$300 Everyday Checking Bonus: This offer requires opening an Everyday Checking account online or at a branch with a minimum $25 deposit by April 1, 2024. Within 90 days, receive a total of $1,000 or more in qualifying electronic deposits to your account to earn the bonus. 

$525 Savings Account Bonus: Open a qualifying consumer savings account at a branch by April 1, 2024, with a minimum $25 deposit. Deposit $25,000 or more in new money within 30 days and maintain the balance for 90 days to get the bonus. 

$2,500 Premier Checking Bonus: For this hefty reward, open a Premier Checking account at a branch with a minimum $25 deposit by April 1, 2024, and provide the bonus offer code. Within 45 days, bring $250,000 or more in new deposits to qualifying linked accounts and maintain the balance for 90 days. 

Eligibility and Requirements:

Each bonus offer has specific eligibility requirements and conditions. Ensure you meet them before applying to avoid disappointment.  

New money refers to funds not previously deposited into Wells Fargo or its affiliates. Minimum opening deposit and maintenance periods vary, so pay close attention to the details. 

Opening Your Account:

You can open most Wells Fargo accounts online or at a branch. For online applications, you'll need your Social Security number, driver's license, and other identifying information. At the branch, a banker will assist you with the process and answer any questions. 

Claiming Your Bonus:

Once you've met the eligibility requirements, the bonus will be deposited into your new account within 30 days. You'll receive notifications about the progress and confirmation when the bonus is credited. Wells Fargo Transfer Limit 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Bonus Offer is Right for Me?

Wells Fargo offers various account types with different bonus requirements and amounts. Here's a quick breakdown. 

$300 Everyday Checking: Easiest requirements, open online or in-branch, receive $1,000 in qualifying deposits within 90 days. 

$2500 Premier Checking: In-branch offer only, higher monthly service fee, $2,500 bonus for maintaining specific balances. 

$525 Savings Bonus: High deposit requirement ($25,000) but potentially the highest reward, in-branch offer only. 

How Do I Claim The Bonus?

Get your Offer Code: Most offers require a unique code, either through the dedicated offer webpage or by entering your details for in-branch offers. 

Meet the Eligibility Criteria: Open the correct account type with a minimum deposit within the offer period. 

Fulfill Bonus Requirements: Depending on the offer, complete actions like receiving direct deposits or maintaining a minimum balance for a specified time. 

Wait for Your Bonus: After confirming you met the requirements, the bonus will be deposited within 30 days. 

Are There Any Other Things to Consider?

Monthly Service Fees: Some accounts have monthly fees, often waived with specific balance requirements. 

Minimum Deposit: All offers require a minimum opening deposit, typically $25.

Offer expiration: Most bonus offers have expiry dates, so check before applying.

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